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As a newbie in the youtube marketing world I found this one pretty much interesting even though I bet it will work if you are a professional into this. The author provided every single detail you will need to start off and finish! Of course with profit. I am lucky to get it. I never assumed youtube can be so profitable and work that way but when it comes to billions of users daily my mind starts thinking again. Every single detail is good formatted into the book. Guides like this go for $399.

Wonderful, price UP suggested.

Richard R. Dutton


Rarely do you get what you pay for, but Playinator does exactly what is promised ! I had a few questions about the product and was thrilled to get quick email responses from the development team. Thanks Playinator !

Theresa Hamilton


There's some pretty sound ideas in the first parts about how to build up your site topics, picking out niches appropriate for your industry or topic. It goes through a lot from picking up profit driven niches, into setting up a site/landing page for your niche, monetizing it with ads or affiliate-centric content, and even a full graphic tutorial on working with DNS/hosting/affiliate. But the real bulk and main focus is on video obviously.

Not being someone who's dabbled in video marketing (yea I know I should have probably started last year at latest) the content in this is relatively fresh. One thing is that you should definitely be well acquainted with YouTube and how it works, but then again who isn't nowadays? There's some really good tips on here that everyone could pick up to use in their video marketing strategies. What I like most of all is the formatting and use of pictures to explain the more complicated tasks, it's done very well. What it could improve on is perhaps inclusion of a stock video or something to get the ball rolling for those who need an easy way to just put together a video quickly (something people can just overlay text on to), but then again you can use just windows movie maker. It's pretty good, and quite decent considering that I've seen rivaling ebooks selling for twice the price this is going for, that only delve as far as signing up for a youtube account. Comparatively this is great value.

Victor L. Patterson


First of all, Youtube or any video hosting site draws a huge amount of traffic - That part everyone knows - Upload your videos and get that traffic and earn money-that part also everyone knows.

But what is great in this book is that it has been laid down how to make your videos with less pain and tricks to get the videos to be viewed maximum number of times, get them to the top and draw huge amounts of traffic, and the best thing is you can repeat the process 'n' number of times without hassles and make money.

The part I liked personally in the book is the video optimization part, there I could find certain points which can be great even when you are adding those videos to your own site and make it optimized for search and get listings just for those videos in google index.

I can tell you this is a no-nonsense book, just to the point and no beating around the bush with revamped old techniques.

Leo Newton


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